Released movie: Apollo 18

Movie Title: Apollo 18

Release Date: September 4, 2011


The story is set in December 1973, a year after the eleventh and final known manned mission to the moon, Apollo 18 follows the U.S. government telling the public that further missions have been canceled, due to budget cuts. However, the Department of Defense sends three astronauts on a top secret mission to place spy equipment on the moon’s surface to deploy a series of transmitters designed to intercept Soviet signals.
With one left behind in the shuttle, the other two land their craft and quickly discover an abandoned USSR pod a short distance away. There’s blood everywhere, but the vehicle itself still seems to be mostly intact. The two become worried when they find their flag goes missing, and their communication equipment starts to cut out. While trying to get home, what makes matters worse is the fact that rocks that appear to turn into spiders find a way into one of the astronaut’s suits, and the possibility that aliens have landed on the moon.
Found-footage films has become a popular sub-genre in the horror category in the last years, but Apollo 18 unfortunately differs from what makes mockumentarys so enjoyable: an interesting reasoning on why the events are being filmed.

Director and actors

Director – Gonzalo Lopez Gallego

Warren Christie

Lloyd Owen

Ryan Robbins