Released movie: Fright Night

Movie Title: Fright Night

Release Date: August 15, 2011


Fright Night is the recent remake of Tom Holland’s 1985 movie with the same title. The film’s protagonist is Charlie Brewster whose life is on track: he is really popular and is dating the hottest girl in his high school. Charlie is so cool he is even dissing his best friend. Troubles start when a new neighbour, Jerry moves in next door. Jerry seems to be a charismatic guy but something is wrong with him. No one, not even Charlie’s mother notices anything wrong or special about him. After some very strange incidents Charlie comes to the conclusion that Jerry is a vampire who yearns for the blood of the neighbours. Nobody believes him so he must figure it out alone how to get rid of the monster.

For an unnecessary remake, it’s enjoyable stuff, but besides that it is something you can forget five minutes after leaving your comfortable cinema seats. It stars Colin Farrell along with Toni Collette, Anton Yelchin (Chekov from the Star Trek reboot), Christopher Mintz-Plasse (McLovin from Superbad) and David Tennant (Doctor Who).

Director and actors

Director – Craig Gillespie

Anton Yelchin

Colin Farrell

David Tennant

Imogen Poots

Toni Collette