Released movie: Horrible Bosses

Movie Title: Horrible Bosses

Release Date: July 11, 2011


Good friends Nick(Jason Bateman), Kurt(Jason Sudeikis) and Dale(Charlie Day) have had more than enough of their bosses terrorising them day by day. Nick’s boss Dave Harken(Kevin Pacey) is a merciless dictator, who makes Nicks everydays a living hell.
Dale’s boss Dr. Julia Harris(Jennifer Aniston),despite the fact that Dale has a fiancé, tries to seduce him everyday, and even threatens him that she’ll tell his wife-to-be that they have already had sex, unless they actually do have sex.
Kurt likes his job at first, but when his boss dies, and the mans malefic son takes over the company things turn all over.

They know that at their ages quitting the job isn’t going to solve  any of their problems, so with the advice of an ex con, they come up with a plan to get ride of their bosses for good.
All in all Horrible Bosses is a cool comedy worth watching, it’s not the comedy of the year, but you will most likely enjoy this movie as much as I did 🙂

Director and actors

Director - Seth Gordon

Jason Bateman

P. J. Byrne

Kevin Spacey

Lindsay Sloane