Released movie: Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

Movie Title: Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

Release Date: July 17, 2011


A laotong relationship is at least as important as a good marriage. The laotong relationship is made of free choice with the intention of eternal friendship and loyalty. The marriage is well planned and it has only one purpose: breeding boys.
In the 19th century China, two seven-year-old girls, Lili and Snow Flower make a lifelong friendship.They live in isolation and develop a secret language as well that only they can understand. In a parallel story in today’s Shanghai, Lili and Snow Flower’s descendants, Sophia and Nina struggle to preserve their childhood friendship in this unstoppably growing, fast-paced world. The two modern woman must understand the ancient relationship between them, which is hidden by the antique silk fan’s crinkles, or else they will lose each other for ever.
Their relationship fills the hearts, it’s edgy and dramatic, almost erotic. The strong bond is there even after their marriages, the joys and tragedies of motherhood, until a misunderstanding comes up between them. It’s a painfully beautiful story about love, grief, friendship and a lost, secret world.

Director and Crew

Director - Wayne Wang

Russell Wong

Bingbing Li

Gianna Jun

Archie Kao