Released movie: The Change-Up

Movie Title: The Change-Up

Release Date: August 9, 2011


After a night of drinking, family guy Mitch (Jason Bateman) magically switches bodies his longtime friend Dave (Ryan Reynolds), a single, responsibility-free hedonist. As the guys experience the realities of each other’s lives, they work on a way to get their old ones back.
Never mind the tired body-swapping premise, this movie is all about bringing together Hard-R comedy draftsmen Jon Lucas and Scott Moore (The Hangover’s screenwriters) with David Dobkin (director of Wedding Crashers). Hmm, does this mean Ryan Reynolds gets to play the amoral and profane Vince Vaughn character, Jason Bateman = straight man, and we will ultimately be left wishing that Leslie Mann received more screen time?

Director and actors

Director – David Dobkin

Ryan Reynolds

Jason Bateman

Leslie Mann

Olivia Wilde

Alan Arkin