Released movie: The Son of No One

Movie Title: The Son of No One

Release Date: October 31, 2011


Tatum stars as NYPD officer Jonathan White who after running from his past in the projects of the Bronx, finds himself assigned to the very same precinct and confronted with a buried childhood secret. The film alternates between 1986 flashbacks of White as a troubled child, nicknamed Milk, and a post 9/11 NYC where White lives with his wife (Holmes) and their young daughter in a quaint suburb far from the city. As he returns to his old hood, memories from his childhood continue to haunt Milk, where we learn that he was involved in the murders of two crack addicts that lived in the same low income building as he did. Al Pacino is Detective Sandford, the officer in charge of investigating the 1986 homicides, who opts to cover up the crime of people he deems worthless to protect the life and future of Milk. But when a noisy reporter (Binoche) in the present day scenario starts receiving a series anonymous letters hinting at the corrupt coverup of the 1986 murders and begins publishing them in the newspaper, the heat starts to intensify for White and threaten the well being of his livelihood and family.